0.75%*annual percentage yield
American Dream Savings Account

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With an American Dream Savings Account, you will earn a variable Annual Percentage Yield on your savings.

We offer you flexibility, freedom, and security that is unsurpassed in personal banking today. Plus, with an American Dream Savings Account you will have peace of mind, since your account is FDIC insured up to the legal limit and always secure.

No hidden costs. No fees. No penalties. No service charges.

The American Dream Savings Account has no fees or service charges, and that's the truth! You earn high interest on every single cent you deposit without having to worry about giving it back in fees.

24/7 access to your account, and no need to change banks.

An American Dream Savings Account gives you the freedom to access your account whenever you need it. When you open your account, EmigrantDirect automatically links up with your designated checking account allowing you the flexibility to make deposits or withdraw funds by transferring money online.

Activate your American Dream Savings Account.

Open today and start earning interest that will really add up. While the Annual Percentage Yield may change at any time due to market conditions, you are assured to earn high interest with an American Dream Savings Account.

Read our most frequently asked questions for additional details. To apply online, simply click on the "Open Now" button on this web site and follow the easy instructions.

Safe and Secure - FDIC Insured

Since each of EmigrantDirect, DollarSavingsDirect and MySavingsDirect is an online banking division of Emigrant Bank,any deposits you have at Emigrant Bank, EmigrantDirect, DollarSavingsDirect or MySavingsDirect are aggregated and FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor. Keep in mind that individual and joint accounts are insured separately, so if you have both types of accounts with us, your total deposits can be insured up to $500,000; that's up to $250,000 in all of your individual accounts, and up to an additional $250,000 in all of your joint accounts.

Plus, you may even be able to extend your FDIC insurance coverage at EmigrantDirect if you establish deposit accounts in different ownership categories. View our handy chart to learn more. For general information about the FDIC, visit their website, www.fdic.gov.

About Emigrant

Emigrant Bank was founded by Irish emigrants as a mutual savings bank in 1850. By the 1920s it had grown to become the largest savings bank in the nation.

As a traditional savings bank, Emigrant Bank, through its mortgage banking subsidiary, Emigrant Mortgage Company, is licensed to originate home loans and has provided 16,700 home loans. Emigrant Bank's wealth management division, New York Private Bank & Trust, has its own deposit products starting at $2,000,000. Emigrant Bank is regulated by both State and Federal regulators. All deposits are insured by the FDIC up to the legal limit.